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Accidental damage scheme

Terms and conditions

1 Words with special meanings

Accidental damage means visible damage which has not been caused on purpose and is not neglect or general wear and tear. Excess charge means the first part of any claim which you must pay. New spectacles means a new spectacle frame and two new lenses.

2 General conditions

This scheme provides accidental damage cover for all new spectacles purchased from your Eyeplan Optician whilst a member of an Eyeplan scheme that includes accidental damage cover. Your cover normally lasts for two years from the date of purchase of each pair of new spectacles. Should you have lenses with new powers fitted within the two year period then the cover will continue for the time remaining. A claim will not be processed before you have made your first payment as an Eyeplan member. Spectacles purchased before becoming an Eyeplan member are not covered. Cover ends immediately on termination of your Eyeplan membership.

3 Claims

Claims must be submitted within three months of the accident. Eyeplan’s Claims Department will need to be satisfied that the damage is accidental and not some other cause such as general wear and tear, for example:

• A non-specifically scratched lens is normally due to general wear and tear.

• Lenses scratched whilst being cleaned with a dirty cloth is neglect not accidental damage.

• Spectacles damaged through being placed in a case contaminated with sand or grit etc is neglect.

• Spectacles crushed in a pocket etc when not in their case is neglect.

Where a replacement pair of spectacles is required they must be an exact duplicate where possible. In the event of a frame or lenses being discontinued then the replacement must be for a frame or lenses of similar net cost. Upgrades are not permitted under the scheme and lens powers must remain the same. All claims are subject to a small excess charge which is a proportion of the repair cost. Your Optician will advise you of the amount. In the second year the excess charge proportion rises to account for general wear and tear. As a guide the excess charge is normally between 15% and 25% of the original purchase price, but is ultimately dependent on the level of damage and the complexity of the spectacles. Your Eyeplan Optician will need to retain any damaged spectacle parts for inspection by Eyeplan’s Claims Assessors. An adverse claims record will affect your monthly Eyeplan payments. On processing a claim Eyeplan may impose special conditions on future claims you make.

4 Disputes

Should a dispute arise then the Eyeplan Claims Department’s decision will be final.

5 Changes

Eyeplan reserves the right to change the scheme and its conditions without notice. Copies of the latest version are available from your Eyeplan Optician, direct from Eyeplan Ltd on request or from the Eyeplan website. (

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