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Care - Quality - Value

Eyeplan is about three things: care, quality and value. Eyeplan is only offered by quality independent optical practices who offer great glasses and contact lenses at very special prices to their Eyeplan members. Care, quality and value are words that do have meaning both at Eyeplan and at the Eyeplan Associate practices. Here’s what they mean to us:


Care: it is a great shame that eye care today is characterised by cheap or free ‘eye tests’, considering how important vision is to us as human beings.

For Eyeplan, and the independent practices we work with, care is not about an ‘eye test’ but an eye examination and ocular health check.

It is about an Optometrist and Dispensing Optician spending time with patients to understand not only medical aspects but also needs and lifestyle.

It is about offering additional clinical services such as advanced eye scans and offering specialist services and advice where appropriate.

Quality: all eyewear products are not of the same quality.  You get what you pay for.

Both spectacle frames and lenses vary tremendously in manufacturing quality and performance.

Eyeplan Associate opticians are able to offer their Eyeplan members spectacles and contact lenses of the highest quality at great prices.

With Eyeplan you can look better and see better with great quality glasses and contact lenses.

Value: in Eyeplan’s book, value is not just about price. It is about what you get for your money.

We believe that Eyeplan’s package of care, products and Accidental Damage Cover offers you great value, the more you use it the more value you get.

The Eyeplan philosophy is that 'value' is a different thing from 'discount'.  

Discounts are about getting products cheaply, whereas for your Eyeplan Associate practice, value is about getting you the patient into the highest quality pair of spectacles that meet your budget.

Eyeplan only works with professional independent practices who believe in the concepts of care quality and value for their patients. Use our search button to find your nearest Eyeplan Associate practice.