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A child’s ability to read to their full potential at school is an obvious and important skill. Yet many children do not achieve their full potential, and even suffer problems at school, because of challenges with the vision skills necessary to read.

Many independent practitioners in the Eyeplan network study and qualify for a specialist Diploma in Schoolvision Practice. These practitioners can offer specialist schoolvision assessments and solutions to children’s reading through specialist spectacle and contact lens dispensing.

These services are not covered by the NHS and need to be paid for privately. The Schoolvision scheme from Eyeplan helps spread these costs.

The scheme includes Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles and your optician can also offer you very special prices on any spectacles purchased as part of the treatment.

When you are talking to your independent Schoolvision practitioner, ask about the Schoolvision scheme from Eyeplan.  Please note that not all Eyeplan Associate practices offer this specialist scheme.

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