Eyeplan Care Schemes

Eyeplan offers patients different schemes depending on their needs, NHS entitlement (where available) and the services offered by the practice. This means that monthly fees may vary and patients will be advised of the cost of their scheme by the practice.

Eyeplan Schemes include Eyeplan Contacts, Eyeplan Reward and Eyeplan Essentials as well as specialist schemes for Myopia Management, Schoolvision, Sportvision, Dry Eye treatments and other care options.

The benefits do vary from practice to practice so do please ask what is available and your independent practice will happily explain what is on offer. Either way it will offer value and quality care to you as a patient.

Typically benefits will include:

  • Your regular eye exams.
  • Additional visits to the Optometrist when required.
  • Accidental Damage Cover for spectacles.
  • Family and group rates are also available in some practices.

Please check with your practice as to what services are offered and available in their Eyeplan schemes.

Plus your practice will also be able to offer you great value on quality frames, lenses and contact lenses. Your practice will be able to advise you on the savings you can make.

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